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Heat Pump Services

Heat Pump System Maintenance

What’s the secret to keeping your home’s heating system working effectively? Keeping it maintained and reliable. When you call Dilling, you can rely on us to ensure your heat pump and furnace are working as they should. 


Your heat pump system is an important part of your home’s heating system and requires scheduled maintenance to keep it in good working condition. A faulty heat pump will cost you and your family comfort and safety. When heat pump system maintenance is not performed regularly, you run the risk of a system failure. Oftentimes, a heat pump will fail during cold weather spells when it is being used the most. With the team at Dilling performing your heat pump system maintenance, you can rest knowing your heating system and furnace will effectively and efficiently warm your home.

Contact Dilling to schedule a heat pump inspection and tune-up at your earliest convenience. We proudly serve the greater Charlotte area, including Gaston, Cleveland, York, and Mecklenburg counties!

Heat Pump Tune-Up

Our certified technicians are trained and experienced in all aspects of heat pump system maintenance. Once you’ve contacted us, our team will come out and perform a comprehensive inspection of your heat pump system. When the initial evaluation of your heat pump system is complete, the following maintenance and heat pump tune-up procedures will be performed by one of our technicians:


  • Clean your heat pump and heater to optimize its performance: Without regularly cleaning your heat pump system, you run the risk of suboptimal performance and future problems due to the buildup of dirt and debris. We will clean your system to prevent any issues that would arise.
  • Inspect your heat pump and furnace for faulty components: As previously mentioned, our technicians will thoroughly go over your entire heating system and make a note of any possible issues.
  • Check the electrical connections: Our team will check all of your electrical connections to and from the unit for you and your family’s safety.
  • Inspect and fine-tune your thermostat: Our technicians will evaluate your thermostat and make any necessary adjustments to optimize functionality.
  • Inspect and maintain the blower assembly and associated parts: Without a properly functioning blower, your heating system can not circulate the warm air it creates. We will ensure your blower assembly and related components are in working order.


After our inspection process, if our technicians determine the need for parts to be replaced to properly maintain the heat pump system, we’ll offer affordable options to correct the problem. Dilling prides itself on providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to our customers so they can maintain a warm and comfortable home. With the help of our team, your heat pump will work effectively and efficiently.


Dilling offers a full range of home services to meet the needs of our customers. As a part of the communities we service for 60 years, you can trust our certified technicians to provide professional maintenance of your heat pump system. We also offer heat pump repair and heat pump system installations throughout Cleveland County, Mecklenburg County, York County, Gaston County, and Charlotte, NC. For more information about Dilling and the home services we provide, contact us today!