Heat Pump Installation in Gastonia, NC and the Surrounding Areas

A heat pump is a hardworking appliance that supplies your home with comforting heat in the winter and cool conditioned air in the summer. In order to ensure the efficiency, performance, and longevity of your appliance, it’s important to choose a skilled, experienced contractor to complete the installation. The team of professionals at Dilling Heating & Cooling has been providing top-quality products and services to homeowners throughout the Greater Charlotte and Gastonia areas since 1955 with an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.

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Rather than generating conditioned air like a furnace or air conditioner, a heat pump works by transferring heat between the indoors and outdoors as needed based on demand. In heating mode, heat is absorbed from the outdoor air and transferred to the indoors, while in cooling mode the process is reversed to remove excess heat from your interior living space. A heat pump uses refrigeration technology and electricity during the heating and cooling process, and the system consists of an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor air handler. Heat pumps are best suited for climates where temperatures rarely dip below 25 degrees and a supplemental source of heat may be needed during extreme weather.

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Your heat pump won’t last forever, but the key to maintaining the comfort of your home is knowing when to upgrade your system with a new heat pump installation. Watch for these signs that a replacement is imminent.

Frequent or Constant Operation

Your heat pump is engineered to run in cycles, turning on when the thermostat calls for heating and cooling and turning off once the desired temperature has been achieved. If your heat pump seems to run constantly it may be incorrectly sized or there may be a disconnect between the heat pump and the thermostat.

Lack of Comfort

If your heat pump is no longer able to maintain the desired temperature in your home it may be time for a new, energy-efficient upgrade to restore comfort.

Decrease in Indoor Air Quality

If your indoor air seems stale or feels too humid, or you have noticed an increase in allergy symptoms, it’s a sign that your heat pump can no longer moderate the air quality in your home, and you may need a replacement.

Increased Utility Bills

If your energy bills are steadily increasing, the efficiency of your heat pump may be waning due to neglect, disrepair, or age.

Strange Noises

Unusual or loud noises such as squealing, bubbling, banging, or grinding warrant a call for service to determine the source of the issue and help decide whether you need heat pump repair or replacement.

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Dilling Heating & Cooling is a family-owned and -operated business, with 65 years of service in the Gastonia and Greater Charlotte areas. Our technicians are chosen based on skill, experience, and integrity, and they treat our customers and their homes with the respect they deserve.

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