Furnace Repair in Cleveland County

Keeping your Gastonia home comfortable in the winter requires a heating system that is optimized and dependable. Is your furnace sputtering and spitting, but producing no heat? Is your furnace leaking, making weird noises, or simply failing to meet your heating needs? Call on the experienced furnace service team at Dilling Heating & Cooling to get fast, affordable furnace repair that you can rely on!

If you’re looking for furnace repair “near me” in Kings Mountain, Shelby, Gastonia, or the surrounding communities, call 704-739-3446 or schedule service online!  

Furnace Repair in Cleveland County

When your heating system decides to go down, you want service that is fast, precise, and affordable. At Dilling Heating & Cooling we feel that it’s not too much to ask for! Our seasoned furnace contractors arrive on time and equipped with the latest in diagnostic tools and hardware so that we can assess the problem, find the root cause, and provide a prompt furnace repair that gets your home back to heated comfort in as little time as possible.

Dilling Heating & Cooling’s furnace repair teams are available at any time for furnace repair services, whether you need a standard service visit or you’re looking for an HVAC company in Gastonia that offers 24-hour furnace repair.

Need emergency furnace repair? Call 704-739-3446 now to reach our 24-hour furnace repair company! 

Signs of a Broken Furnace

If you’re currently trying to decide whether or not professional furnace repair is really necessary, we understand. Use these common signs of furnace trouble to determine whether or not it’s time to reach out to Dilling Heating & Cooling for service:

  • Loud, repetitive, or unusual furnace noises – In heating systems that are producing unusual noises the cause is most frequently a damaged or loose furnace component.
  • Strange odors from the furnace – Odd smells can be caused by restrictions in airflow, or potentially by a gas leak if you use a gas furnace. The latter issue requires immediate attention and is very dangerous!
  • Furnace is leaking water – Gas furnaces experiencing a flue problem and high-efficiency electric furnaces are both capable of leaking water.
  • Skyrocketing heating costs – Increased heating costs can be caused by a variety of problems, as most furnaces will simply work harder and longer in an attempt to compensate for an issue with the system.
  • Cool air coming from vents, or “cold spots” in your home – Dirty air filters, a lack of furnace maintenance, and HVAC duct problems are all common causes of this.

Noticing the signs of a furnace problem? Call 704-739-3446 or contact Dilling Heating and Cooling online to schedule furnace repair now! 

Prevent Furnace Repair With Seasonal Furnace Maintenance!

It’s always better to avoid repair costs through care rather than only taking a reactive approach to a problem. Annual furnace maintenance is the number one way to reduce heating costs and improve the performance of your system throughout the year. At Dilling Heating & Cooling we provide comprehensive, customized maintenance programs that are designed to help you keep comfort high and costs to a minimum.

Want to learn more about the benefits of routine furnace maintenance? Check out our resources, or contact us online! 

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Since 1955 Dilling Heating & Cooling has been the name that homeowners in Gastonia and Kings Mountain can trust. Whether your furnace repair needs are simple or complex, you can depend on our skilled technicians and satisfaction guarantee. Great HVAC repair at an affordable price is what we do best!

Contact us now for furnace repair in Kings Mountain, Shelby, Gastonia, or the surrounding areas in North Carolina.

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