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Here is what to expect during a complimentary in-home evaluation with Dilling Heating & Cooling

Many important measurements and elements will be addressed during your complimentary in-home evaluation. You should expect our comfort consultant to enter your home. While inside they can take measurements and inspect your current system and ductwork. It is impossible to do a proper evaluation of your home over the phone.

Load Calculation
Dilling always provides a load calculation. This determines what size system your home will need. A big factor in this calculation is the size of your home. However, there are other influences as well. How many windows you have, the direction your home is facing, ceiling heights and how well your home is insulated.

While the comfort specialist is in your home you can discuss any issues you’re experiencing with your current system. For example, if certain rooms do not heat or cool as well as others, do you or your family members constantly struggle with allergies. Those are just a few minor questions we ask to improve your comfort.

Our comfort consultants will be able to recommend several different options depending on your comfort concerns. Also, they’ll explain the warranties offered and go over the pricing of each system, and if any promotions are available. Also if needed they’ll help you apply for financing.

Have a question? We are always available to talk over the phone, but if you prefer to send us a web request, fill out the information below and we will respond as soon as possible.