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Employees are very professional, on time, fast working, and thorough. They always make sure you understand what is being done and always go over everything with you at end. Always have had a great experience.

Leigh Brockman

I've been using Dilling for a couple of years now for maintenance and repairs and I've always been satisfied with their service. Great all around and would definitely recommend to others.

Melissa Smith

Central Air Company Dedicated to Your Home Comfort

Residents of Charlotte, NC, understand the need for a powerful cooling system when summertime comes around, bringing with it high temperatures and even higher humidity. The best way to help your family find relief from the summer heat is with an air conditioning installation from a trusted central air company.


Dilling proudly offers the leading central air services in Gastonia, AC, and the surrounding communities. Our team of air conditioning contractors is dedicated to keeping your family cool and comfortable with quick, reliable, and affordable services. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to an energy-efficient unit or you just need quick AC maintenance to optimize your system’s performance, you can always count on the Dilling team to prioritize your family’s safety and satisfaction — now and always!


Learn more about our central air services below or call us to schedule an appointment. Gaston, Cleveland, York, and Mecklenburg counties’ leading central air company is always happy to serve!

Home Air Conditioning to Keep You Cool Through the Summer

Despite the multitude of available AC options, most Gastonia residents gravitate towards central air when choosing the perfect home air conditioning system. A central air system is made up of three units — condenser, compressor, and evaporator coils — that work in tandem to deliver crisp, cool air throughout your home. Once the air has been cooled to the desired temperature, it is distributed throughout the home via ductwork and air vents. 

Homeowners who invest in a central air system can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Effective Circulation: High-quality systems installed by a trusted central air company will deliver effective circulation, eliminating hot and cold spots.
  • Clean Air: During each cooling cycle, the air passes through an air filter to eliminate dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses, and other contaminants.
  • Noise Reduction: Unlike their mini-split counterparts, central air systems are extremely quiet.
  • Higher Efficiency: Modern units have some of the best energy-efficiency ratings, ensuring your system delivers the best performance without eating up your budget.
  • More Comfort: When you combine all of these benefits together, it’s hard to refute the fact that central air simply provides more comfort!
The best way to guarantee your central air system’s top-quality performance and avoid an emergency AC repair is by keeping up with regular services. Maintenance is the key to a healthy HVAC system. If you’d rather sit back and relax while we handle the work, you may be interested in signing up for one of our HVAC maintenance plans. Our air conditioning contractors would be happy to help you choose the best option for your home and describe the benefits of becoming a plan member. 

A Central Air Company Like No Other

Cooling companies are a dime a dozen in Gaston County, York County, Cleveland County, Mecklenburg County, and Charlotte, NC, but they don’t all deliver superior service at affordable rates like we do! 

Dilling has made a commitment to our local community — one that we uphold with each service we provide. Our air conditioning and heat pump contractors will always arrive on time wearing the proper PPE and outfitted with state-of-the-art tools and equipment. You can always count on us to provide you with a quick, reliable diagnosis and our professional recommendation. Honesty and transparency are rooted in everything we do, so you can have peace of mind that we have your home and family’s best interests at heart. 
Our cooling and heating company is backed by over 25 years of experience, and we value your work with us! Should you have any questions or concerns, we urge you to contact a Dilling representative as soon as possible.

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