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3 Safety Tips for Oil Furnaces

Heating oil is a clean, safe, and efficient fuel source. If your heater uses it, furnace services will help ensure safe operation throughout the winter. Use the following tips to keep your family warm and comfortable all season.

A Brief Safety Guide to Oil Furnaces

1. Know the Risks of Carbon Monoxide

Heating oil itself is a nontoxic, nonflammable, and overall stable substance, so it poses very little risk to your family. However, incomplete combustion of oil can produce carbon monoxide.

This odorless, colorless, and potentially deadly gas can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. If you experience these symptoms solely inside the home, open all windows and exit the property immediately. Contact an HVAC contractor for an emergency inspection and seek medical treatment. Install a carbon monoxide detector close to the furnace, which will alert you of a leak long before you experience symptoms.


2. Clear the Room

Furnaces get extremely furnace serviceshot, so any flammable substances nearby could be fire hazards. Give your furnace at least three feet of clearance in every direction. Avoid storing paint, aerosol cans, fuel, and other combustible materials in the space. 

Children could potentially burn themselves playing nearby, so explain the importance of staying away from the appliance while it’s in use. Also, keep pets out of the room.

3. Schedule Professional Maintenance

Annual inspections and maintenance keep your oil furnace safe and efficient. During a routine furnace service, a contractor will check for potential problems, clean the unit, and grease moving parts to reduce the risk of fire and improve performance.

If you experience problems with the furnace or notice a leak in its oil storage tank, call your HVAC contractor right away. Don’t attempt to fix furnaces on your own, as doing so could cause injuries and void your warranty.


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