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Technician was very knowledgeable and did a great job of explaining what the furnace issue was and what it would cost to repair. The price quoted was also very reasonable.

Darrell Bailey

Had purchase home inspection weeks ago by Wes. Today the required repairs! Very professional team members. Efficient, thorough, reasonable prices, and love their contract so we can leave the maintenance reminders to them!

A Filkoff

Air Conditioning Repair Service​

Most of us have experienced the stress of our air conditioning unit breaking down at the most inconvenient time. Whether in the midst of a warm-weather spell or during the hottest days of the year, having your AC not working properly can be the cause of discomfort and even threaten your health.


Dilling is a leading provider of air conditioning repair services in Charlotte, NC, including Gaston, Cleveland, York, and Mecklenburg counties. With over 60 years of experience in HVAC maintenance, installation, and repair, our certified technicians have the tools and knowledge to provide affordable quality repair services for your air conditioning unit.


There may be some indications that a pending breakdown is about to occur. Here are some of the things all homeowners should be concerned about if they think an air conditioning unit may be in need of repairs:

Signs Your AC May Require Repairs​

Is your air conditioning unit making loud and persistent noises, having a loss of cooling or airflow, or seeing higher than usual energy costs when running it? It might be time to have the air conditioner looked at and repaired. Our team of technicians can skillfully resolve any air conditioner issue, including:


  • Loud noises: which could be coming from a damaged fan or faulty condenser. 
  • Low or no cooling: reduced cooling ability throughout your home or business. 
  • Non-efficient energy usage: a substantial increase in utility costs even when the unit is being used minimally.
  • Strong odors and poor ventilation: smells are emanating from vents in your home or the lack of proper airflow coming from the ventilation system.
  • Electrical and thermostat problems: leading to the unit abruptly shutting down or not turning on at all.

With our extensive experience in air conditioning repair services, Dilling has the ability to offer high-quality repair services at affordable prices through Charlotte, NC. Our technicians will inspect your AC unit and diagnose whatever issues may be causing the unit to perform suboptimally or not even perform at all.

Your home air conditioner provides comfort and safety to you and your family. It is essential to make sure that it is operating efficiently and effectively. The loss of power or cooling capabilities can be problematic and the cause for discomfort in your home. During the extremely hot days of the summer season, the lack of a properly running air conditioning unit can also pose a threat to your health and safety. Without adequate cooling, many of us may experience problems due to heat within the home. Improper ventilation will lead to a dangerous mix of warm interior temperatures and declining ambient air quality. This is especially true for those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies or have pre-existing breathing issues.


Fortunately, Dilling is here to help. Our team of highly trained technicians will provide you with an expedited diagnosis of your air conditioner’s issue and offer affordable solutions to correct the problem. Dilling also performs air conditioning replacements and preventative maintenance with our air conditioning tune-up services. Our service area includes Cleveland County, Gaston County, York County, Mecklenburg County, and the greater Charlotte area. For more information about our team, our full line of home services, and what we can do for your home’s HVAC system, contact us today!